Wednesday, April 16, 2008


April 2008
by The Circle of Lost Hackers

0x01 Introduction TCLH
0x02 Phrack Prophile of The UNIX Terrorist TCLH
0x03 Phrack World News TCLH
0x04 Stealth Hooking: another way to subvert the Windows kernel mxatone
0x05 Clawing holes in NAT with UPnP felinemenace
0x06 The only laws on Internet are assembly and RFCs Julia
0x07 Hacking the System Management Mode BSDaemon, coideloko, d0nand0n
0x08 Mystifying the debugger for ultimate stealthness halfdead
0x09 Australian Restricted Defense Networks and FISSO The Finn
0x0a Phook - The PEB Hooker shearer & dreg
0x0b Hacking the $49 Wifi Finder openschemes
0x0c The art of exploitation: Samba WINS stack overflow max_packetz
0x0d The Underground Myth anonymous
0x0e Hacking your brain: Artificial Conciousness -C
0x0f International scenes various

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